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7 Simple Steps and Support!
You Can Do It!
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To the point, we all want freedom, but in this so called free capitalist democracy there is something one should know, freedom isn’t free, it costs money.  There are two types of freedom, mental freedom and physical freedom.  Buddha can teach you about mental freedom, here at True Cash we are about providing you with a 7 step system to allow you to be physically, financially free.  We show you how you can use the internet to achieve this and earn $500-$1,500 starting now!

To begin building your online confidence you can get paid for your time.  Enter Paid Surveys and get paid for your opinion.  Learn to complete more surveys, faster with The True Cash 7 Step System Special Report.

Next, learn to DropShip on eBay using DropShip Design your product sourcing catalogue.  Their DropShip Auction Plan allows you to easily push products to the eBay market place.  Simply pick a product from the DropShip Design catalogue.  Then using their unique "push to market place" feature you upload the product to eBay with a price, description and picture.  You then play the waiting game.  If someone buys at your specified auction price, you buy the product at whole sale price and keep the difference.  You then have the product shipped to their specified address.  Done! 

Google can help you promote sites that aren’t yours through affiliate marketing.  This is where you make a commission for sold goods.  First find valuable partners through clickbank, offervault and link share.  Then create a Google Ad Words Account and start sending Pay Per Click traffic to your programs.  The rule of thumb is 1% of your traffic will buy.  So bid 1% of the value of your programs commission.  So a $20 commission yields a max bid of $0.20 any less and you're in money.

World travel is a cash cow.  Global Travel Network can hook you up with accommodations for as little as $300 a week!  Its $300 to join and up to $133 per referral.  Refer 2 who refer 2 and cycle.  Travel and make cash! 

Global Domains International is by far one of our favorite companies.  They can connect you with a great website for $10  month.  You are practically guaranteed a sweet domain name as they own their own .WS suffix for Dot Web Site.  Plus they distribute 50% of all revenue to affiliates.  Make $1 per customer per level for up to 5 levels!  So, refer 5 who refer 5 and make $3,905 every month! 

Next, Invest your cash in Foreign Exchange!  Follow a Guru and learn how its done.  Also market your own site and learn the 3 components of marketing!  Plus pick up 200 products and 85 Ad Sense  optimized with your True Cash Membership, where we will delve into each of these revenue sources!